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8/8/06 2:07AM EST

Ysera's Outcry: Ahn'Qiraj Gate's Premature Opening

Well it looks like my previous post about AQ opening on the morning I left for Connecticut was a misguided prediction. In fact, the Gate of Ahn'Qiraj was opened in the wee hours of this very morning, mere hours before scheduled maintenance, while most of Ysera's population were fast asleep.

Blizzard's response so far.

The act is seen by most as griefing and quite a few are up in arms over how one person can single-handedly cause the entire server to lose out on such a major event.

Screenshot of original post by the previous owner of the Valafar account.

Axion's reaction to the events. EDIT: Looks like Tork deleted his public apology on the behalf of Axion.

I, on the other hand, got home from work just in time to join my new guildmates in Sillithus, right after the gong was rung, landing a killing blow on one of many Colossal Anubisath Warbringers rampaging the landscape.


While what happened is morally incomprehensible, the truth of the matter is that Blizzard's hands are tied. If Blizzard started regulating the game based on moral ambiguities, Customer Service would be flooded with petty complaints. No real problems would ever be solved and not everyone would be truly satisfied.

If there was a rollover the few guilds who were ready to ring the gong will have what they want. But at the expense of the server majority, whom would lose any and all progress made during the timeframe of the rollover. Personally I would like to see those who were ready at the moment the Gates were opened be compensated with whatever rewards worked for. Blizzard cannot and should not dimiss this. But a server wide rollover is not the solution.

A Bump thread demanding more communication from Blizzard. EDIT: Locked.

To tell you the truth, I am more concerned with this whole fiasco turning into a native vs transfer conflict. This was the act of a native who had inherited the Valafar account from a guildmate. This guildmate, also a native, inherited this account sometime ago from a friend who had retired from WoW long before transfers were available.

Unfortunatly not many people realize this, which is a shame.


Blogger Miss Adventures said...

The deleted post by Tock on Axions website (http://axionguild.com/)

"So I wake up this morning to having 6 Im's saying that the gates were opened. I was like nah no way, but sure enough I log on and was immediately flooded with tells. But please bare with me as I go over a few things.

1 - This was the act of one individual, not an entire guild.
2 - Does the server have every right to be pissed? Yes.

We, the officers, were lied to because he wasnt going to ring it. After speaking with Missy several times he mentioned that the scetper was the worse thing that happened and he wished it could have been undone. I am glad I stuck with gut instinct last nite when he asked for GM back and I did not return it.

I would like to apologize to the server as a whole, unfortunately there is nothing that I can do to make things right. I ask that the server not hold the Axion accountable for what was done, though I know that won't happen. Action has already been taken, Valafar has been removed from Axion, but that also doesn't correct the situation.

To Empyrean:
I gave Sparc my word that this wasn't going to happen so of course I look like a jack ass now.

To Agony:
I really feel bad for you guys, after being told you would have a week to complete your scepter and you work your asses off, you get bent over. Again, this was the act of one individual, not the guild as a whole.

To Missy:
!&$% You. Not only did you !&$% over the server, but you screwed over your guild as a whole. I am glad you had the balls to not even discuss this with the officers, probbally because we would have told you no. You got what you deserved when you got banned, it was your fault, no one else's, so what did u retaliate against?

As far as where Axion stands, well I am holding a guild meeting tonight to discuss this situation, as 99% of the guild was offline when this happened. Oh yeah way to let your guild get little to no rep as well. Axion has alot of good people, sucks it came to this."

2:45 PM, August 09, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's the summary I got, with help from the Ysera folks.

Ysera Server's Ahn'Qiraj Opening:
This was a crazy one. You probably heard a little bit about it already. There was so much spam about it I had to actually ask people for details. All the threads going around were just to full of supposition and assumed facts, I couldn't tell what had really happened. This appears to be the gist of the incident.

Ysera server was very close to opening the AQ gates. Several guilds on the server had most or all of the scepter ready. They were communicating between themselves to be sure that all worked together and that the event went well. Those guilds were Eclipse, Empyrean, Axion, and Agony (the only horde guild). Eclipse was waiting for other guilds, they did not intend to ring the gong. Empyrean wanted to ring the gong with full server participation. They were planning on a predetermined date and time for the opening. Axion had just started really working on it. They had a hard time keeping warriors in their guild, it seems. Agony was a few weeks behind but working hard. The other guilds were more or less waiting for them to get caught up.

And here's where the hysteria sets in. Axion transferred a character in from another server, which had the red shard needed for the scepter. Sources differ, but there's a good indication that this imported character was not only purchased on Ebay but also was shared among two or more members of Axion. For whatever reason, the GM of Axion and the imported warrior were both temp banned for a couple days. When the ban was lifted, Axion rang the gong, opening the Ahn'Qiraj gates and starting a ten hour event on the server. They did this a couple hours before the server went down for Tuesday maintenenance, meaning that it took place at like 2am, when no one was around, and that the server maintenance kept anyone else from participating later.

Now some things here I'm not clear on. Axion has alleged, damage control style, that this was done without their knowledge or consent, and the gong ringer is no longer in the guild. However, others not in Axion have alleged that Axion members were spamming LFG and Trade with glee at the time, saying things like "This is for everyone who ever screwed over Axion" and the like. The GM allegedly made a post to the forums bragging about it, which was deleted shortly thereafter.

At any rate where we stand now is that Ysera's AQ event was ruined for the whole server by one player or players, using what is, to all appearances, an illegitimate character. I have no opinions on that that I can really go into, except to reiterate the paradox of MMORPGs.

The best thing about them is how many people play them. The worst thing about them is that a lot of those people are playing with you.

3:08 PM, August 09, 2006  

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