Monday, August 07, 2006

From Connecticut to Catalyst

Sometimes playing WoW isnt enough to relieve the daily hustle and bustle stress of city life. So when I was invited to a cabin retreat this past Saturday I was gone before you could say 'Gnome Busters'. I missed the opening of AQ but 2 very theraputic days in the green seclusion of rural Connecticut more then made up for it.

So when I logged in this morning my natural high took a nose dive when a 'former' guildmate whispered me with the news of our guild falling apart over the weekend. I was shocked and very disappointed when I learned that the GM decided to leave for greener pastures in another guild. He had great potential as a leader. I am very sad he felt there was no other choice but to give up.

So now I am in Catalyst with a few of the old DE members.


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