Friday, July 28, 2006

Lets do the /chicken!

I know I am late hopping on this bandwagon but you know the ol' saying. Anyhoo, I stumbled on this gem right after the last post. So yea, 3 posts in one day.

Must be a full moon out.

Being a mac poweruser, this instantly got two thumbs up from me. Superb music selection, emote timing and the inclusion of every single dance, including the Moonkin's. This is 39 seconds of Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Be sure to check out the prequel.

The Dangers of 'World of Warcraft'

I am at work bored as hell. One of my co-workers caught me browsing MPS, making a off-handed remark about the dangers of 'that' game.

I never really thought about it before but I can see his point. I have been guilty of blowing off friends for a much needed pug UBRS (Painweaver FTW), as well as housework neglection. Cooking use to be a passion, now hunger is an inconvience best quelled by delivery.

Good Sportsmanship

Last night while grinding my druid, spam was all up in my face. The culprit: /5 WorldDefense. How long? Consistently for an hour straight.

A few people from that other channel of spam started grumbling about the ruckus, leading us to decide to see what all the fuss was about. I hopped on Mauve and hitched a ride to Astranaar. Once there we were met by a intimidating large gang of horde between the levels of 40-55. This wasn't gonna be a walk in the park even with the meager 7 level 60s we managed to scrape together into a raid.

Alas, We were able to make quick work of them but they just kept coming back for more. This eventually lead to open cryptic dialog with a few horde who were brave enough to stick around. We tried our best to decipher Orcish and strange gestures and ended up enjoying each others company.

A couple hours later after we all had moved on to bigger and more painful things (epic'd out horde raiding Goldshire) I received a tell from Instigator, the level 1 alt of one 56 Orc Hunter by the name of Trejumin whom I been pwn'n all night. He thanked me for a good time and wanted to keep in touch in hopes of planning more battles between our factions. This lead to dialog about our out-of-game experiences. I was surprised to learn that people who choose to play a horde character are real people too and aren't the big of jerks I imagined them to be.

Well, I wasn't really surprised but it is always good to be reminded of the fact.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

New beginnings...

After much debate, I decided to leave my old server. Sitting in the Ironforge of my new home, I tentatively advertised for an endgame guild. After a hour of no response and another half hour dinner break, I decided to try again before calling it a night. My persistance yeilded one response, from Eliszt of Genesis.

I immediately felt a welcoming call upon visiting the website. Us transferees aren't getting much love, but after reading one particularyly reprimanding post by the leader dispelled all concerns of facing hostility from home-grown guildmembers. I immediately posted up my application and now patiently await a response.

Cross your fingers!